Channapatana Wooden Jar With Lid (Kitchen Container)


Channapatana Wooden hand painted Jar is great for storing ingredients. We use Natural and non toxic colors. This Eco Friendly Jar is non washable &  is used only for dry items. Color may vary from the actual image shown.

Neem Wood Cake/Pizza Ladle


Natural Neem wood with oil finishing, long lasting baking tool. handcrafted out of a solid piece of neem wood sourced ethically. Item is made of natural wood and therefore wood will also vary in color, making each piece unique. By using wooden utensils you are using products that are renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic. It naturally […]

Neem Wood Ladle


Handmade Neem Wood Spoon is sturdy and hand carved. No cuts or joints, made of single block of wood. Wood is completely biodegradable and renewable. Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with mineral oil to prolong life.

Neem Wood Spoon & Fork For Kid’s


Natural and durable Neem Wood, especially for Kid’s Fork & Spoon. Neem has anti-bacterial properties, and a healthy option for the Eco Friendly and environmentally conscious people. Made from Single block of wood without cuts or joints. Wash with warm soapy water. Do not soak in water for long.

Coconut Shell – Salt & Pepper Shaker


This natural-looking salt and pepper shakers are handcrafted from Coconut shell, sun dried and coated with virgin coconut oil for smooth finish. Perfect decor item to add on dining table

Neem Wood Single Spatula


#Ladles are easy and comfortable to hold. #Wooden Ladles are made from a single block of wood. Natural Color , no added dyes. Easy to make Dosa, Roti, Paratha, Cutlet etc…

Neem Wood Flour Spoon


#Handcrafted kitchenware scoop #spoon, especially flour spoon. It’s very handy & heat resistant. Neem #wood is biodegradable & renewable. Easy to clean and wash. Rub with mineral oil for prolong life.

Round Chopping Board


Sheesham Wooden Chopping Board is a healthy option for the Eco friendly conscious people. It has a smooth edges and a small hole to hang. Biodegradable & renewable wood, more antibacterial. No added dyes, complete toxic free. To prolong life rub with cooking oil.

Clay Round Bottle – 1 Litre


The Natural Clay bottle cools the water which helps in Summer. The picturesque comes in mind is rural Potters. Artisans creates a beautiful pots, glasses, bowls for storing water, food as well as serving them. Craftsman has developed an entire range of earthen products for daily use in the kitchen. So here we are to […]

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