Odo-Rite (Buy 1 & Get 1 FREE)


A microbiology-based scientific deodoriser, Odorite keeps bathrooms fresh by controlling the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Besides bathroom, you can spray it in shoe racks, food trash bins or even on the floors to sanitise spots soiled by infants or pets.

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It is not a regular room freshener. Our product concept is to remove the bad smell from your home, office, hospitals and other places.The bacterial action will be there for 24 hours and keeps the air fresh and natural. This is a natural room freshener does not mask the bad smell; it completely removes the source of the bad smell and gives you freedom from the odor. Our product doesn’t contain any alcoholic content or CFC. It is a natural product which does not have any side-effects. The product not only removes the odor but also gives a pleasant fragrance which will make your ambiance fresh and free from bad smell. A natural product with no side-effects and does not contain any acids and other dangerous chemicals.