Organic Charcoal Tablet- Pack of 3 (30 Tablets)


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Multipurpose Use, Quick-Lighting Tablets, Unique Bowl-Like Cavity Holds Contents & Burns.

. UNIQUE DESIGN – A unique bowl-like cavity design of these tablets or briquettes holds the incense within to disperse it effectively.
. BURN DHOOP, INCENSE – It is the best way to burn Dhoop, Resins, Herbs, Incense and heavy aromatic gums.
. LONGER BURNING TIME – The charcoal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 45 minutes to an hour.
. NON-TOXIC – No toxic substances, 100% Natural, Safe to Use daily.

How do you best use these Charcoal Briquettes?

1 Remove one tablet from the roll.
2 Hold the edge of a charcoal tablet with tweezers, maintaining a firm grip before trying to light the coal.
3 Hold the bottom edge of the charcoal tablet to a candle or lighter flame.
4 Until the charcoal burns brightly, keep the tablet on the flame. You should allow the burning area to begin to spread through the coal tablet before extinguishing the flame.
5 Set the lighting charcoal tablet in a fireproof stone or container. You may also consider some of Omved’s Charcoal or Dhoop Burners and Holders. Ideally place on a layer of sand or ash, this helps to retain the heat.
6 Wait for the entire tablet to glow (you will see the sides go grey) before sprinkling incense within.
7 Place the dhoop, powders or resins can now be sprinkled on top of the charcoal tablet and left to burn slowly.
8 Remember to close the roll after tablet is removed to preserve freshness.
9 If tablet is to be extinguished before it is fully consumed it should be placed in an container of cold water.


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